The Never Ending Story: My Journey Through Art 201

This is my final project for the introduction to new media and digital arts class. The requirements were to take our body of work that was created throughout the semester, place the files on InDesign CS6, and create a leporello book. The reason for printing artwork in a digital arts class is to show that a student can not only create art on a digital platform, but can also print their work allowing for a broader audience to view the work. I wanted to do something different with my final project. I did not want to just place the files onto InDesign and print it. I wanted to take concepts from each piece and transform the other pieces. The idea behind it was to reference how the work created had come full circle, but will always be intertwined.


Published by

Joanna Nawn

Welcome to my blog! My name is Joanna Nawn and I have a deep passion for art and animation. This blog was started in order to share my journey through art with the hopes of becoming an animator someday! Animation is a major part of my life and I am always looking for ways to improve. I keep up to date with viewing animated shorts and films in order to understand the standards I should uphold in my own work. Please feel free to contact me and/or follow me on social media!

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