About a week ago I decided to watch the movie Renoir.  First of all, the location of filming was spectacularly beautiful!  It was set in French countryside.  Just beautiful buildings, landscapes and views.  No wonder Renoir wanted to paint everyday.  If I had that view, I don’t think I’d ever be able to stop using it as inspiration!  The musical underscoring throughout the movie really played into the emotional aspect of the events taking place.  You could feel Renoir’s pain, every movement he takes is so painful for him.  His hands are wrapped up and incredibly swollen.  I was just so struck by his determination!  It must have been hard having to deal with the loss of his wife, his sons off at war and dealing with his own sickness.  Yet he still refused to let any of that stop him from painting everyday.  I also felt his sons discomfort and loneliness.  Andree’s struggles to become an actress when no one believed in her and worst of all her rocky relationship with Jean.  I think the actors that were cast, played the roles so well.  I feel as if I was there with them witnessing their pain and struggles.  Although some people were turned off by the fact that the whole movie is in French with English subtitles, I found no difficulty following what was happening.  I think that without the movie being in French, it would have taken some of emotional and serious impact away from the audience.  Overall the movie was amazing!

I will admit I do not know much about Renoir or most artists for that matter, but after attending a few weeks of my art history class I can’t stop wanting to know more!  I have always been fascinated by different artists and hearing/watching their stories.

I just can’t rave about this movie enough!  If you haven’t seen it I really suggest that you do.  It will really show Renoir’s personal life and see what paintings were being made during these struggles, which of course help us to understand the what he was going through when creating these pieces.

Please feel free to leave comments!  I would love to read your reactions to the movie as well or any art movie/documentary you found inspiring.  I am always looking for more to watch since I am fairly new to viewing these movies, please any suggestion appreciated!!


An exciting update!

I have been having a great time back to school!  I was recently given the opportunity to intern at my college doing design work!!  I create flyers for their events, contribute creative ideas, and design logos.  I use Adobe Illustrator CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CS6 to create all of these things!

My newest achievement was having the idea to convert paper evaluation sheets to a QR code system.  We have started the process and I collaboratively worked with my boss to create a great logo that is sure to grab attention around campus!  In all of this excitement I have not been posting as much, but not to worry!  This weekend I will be attending a gallery visit and will give a review of my trip!