Silly Symphony #3 Springtime

Springtime is the third Silly Symphony cartoon, made in 1929.  Just like the last two posts on Silly Symphonies both the Skeleton Dance and El Terrible Toreador, were all made within months of each other in the same year.  The background information for the time period is still the same.  This cartoon is also in black and white and heavily uses the background music to carry the movement of events taking place on screen.

This cartoon, in my opinion, is different due to the content.  The animals and insects are demonstrating the circle of life.  Smaller animals get eaten by bigger animals and the cycle goes on.  Now of course the cartoon makes it much less blunt than this.  There is a humorous tone to the way this all happens throughout the cartoon.  I have to admit, I found this cartoon to be rather cute and clever due to the way the animation moves the characters along the screen.  It is in a very comical way that they move and slightly joyous because of the music featured in the background.  Overall I loved the execution of the whole cartoon!

As always feel free to write your thoughts on the cartoon!  Stay tuned for the next post about Hell’s Bells the fourth Silly Symphony cartoon!


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Joanna Nawn

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