Curatorial Proposal: Feminism

With the usage of creative and aggressive tactics feminists tackle American patriarchy.  Feminists from East coast and West coast America had varying degrees of getting attention for their cause.  This is due to the vast lifestyles and personalities on each coast, which is why both sides had varying degrees of sympathy and anger.  The list of feminists that will be shown in this curatorial project will be as follows Eva Hesse, Nancy Spero, The Guerrilla Girls, Cindy Sherman, Louise Bourgeois, Barbara Kruger, Judy Chicago, Kiki Smith, Sally Mann, Marina Abromovic, Kara Walker and Andrea Bowers.  All of these artists are indeed feminists, but had very different approaches to the subject, which was partially due to the side of the country the artist resided.  I want to see what this war meant to the feminist movement and what happened as a result in today’s society.

  • Louise Bourgeois: Cells (Choisy)
    • 1990-93, pink marble, metal, glass, 120.5inx67x94.15in
  • Eva Hesse: Right After
    • 1969, Fiberglass, 5 × 18 × 4 ft (152.39 × 548.61 × 121.91 cm)
  • Nancy Spero: Sheela-na-gig at Home
    • 1996, Hand-printing and printed collage on paper, installation with video, underwear, and clothesline, Dimensions variable
  • The Guerrilla Girls: Do Women have to be Naked to get into the Met. Museum?
    • 1989, screenprint on paper
  • Barbara Kruger: Your Gaze Hits the Side of my Face
    • 1983, black and white photograph, 6’1’’x4’1’’
  • Judy Chicago: The Dinner Party
    • 1974-1979, Ceramic, porcelain, textile, triangular table, 576 x 576 in and each side 48ft.
  • Kara Walker: Before the Battle (Chickin’ Dumplin’)
    • 2004, black paper cut on canvas, 48×54’’
  • Kiki Smith: Little Mountain
    • 1993-96, multiple cast of glass, 3.18×4.06×2’’
  • Cindy Sherman: Untitled #474
    • 2008, chromogenic color print, 7’6.75’’x60’’
  • Sally Mann: Emmett, Jessie, Virginia
    • gelatin-silver print, 1989
  • Marina Abromovic: The Artist is Present
    • 2010, performance piece
  • Andrea Bowers: The Discovery of the Clitoris
    • 2011, Graphite on paper, 30 x 22 1/4 in (76.2 x 56.5 cm)

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