Semiotic Square- A Reaction to Rosalind Krause


Rosalind Krause’s article titled Sculpture in the Expanded Field functions as an explanation to how sculpture evolved.  It gave society a new way to understand the sculptures being created during that time.  Society was confused by the sculptures being made due to the new concepts and breaking of traditional rules of sculpture.  Now anything was possible with this field and artists were exploiting mediums to new levels.  Her article was a bit confusing, but after a long discussion and the production of my own semiotic square, I now understand her points better.

Above I created my own semiotic square using Krause’s square as a model.  This semiotic square explains my own understanding of my field which is a combination of animation and the digital world. Animation refers to the hand-drawn forms that began what we now have transformed into a computer generated medium.  Whereas digital refers to ever advancing platform of technology in today’s society.  In terms of my own work, I am exploring both digital and animation in order to create a semester project.  These terms that I arrived at come from my own understanding of the terms themselves.

When combining the terms digital and animation together, I came up with animation software.  To me the combination of animation and digital brings to life the ever expanding field of computer animation, which is created through animation software.  The combination of not-digital and not-animation combine to create the very opposite of animation software, which to me is reality or an environment.  Reality is the tangible unlike the digital world.  The terms animation and not-animation create narrative.  Narrative is paramount to a work due to the fact that it is one of the most important aspects.  Without a narrative the work simply does not exist.  Digital and not-digital combine to create effects.  Effects are created when exploring the narrative.  Many believe that effects are only seen in a digital platform, but are also present in reality.


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