Art 415 Foreword: Computers are Useless

The Art 415 foreword first discusses how computers transformed early computer generated art.  Many celebrate technology for what it can do for its users, but this foreword has a different approach to the technological era society lives in today.  The whole point to the statement computers are useless is to say that, computers can only do so much for the artist, ideas and  conceptualizing are still needed.  Computers or any other medium are just tools to what the artist has already conceptualized for the work intended.  The foreword continues to discuss the role of the audience.  It states that the medium used by an artist must be made with the thought process of creating a work for the audience intended for the current time period.  A great example of this is the following quote “In our time, one need not make digital art, but one must certainly make art for a digital age.”  I tend to agree with the foreword in terms of its new art universe.  The terms traditionally used throughout the art fields are no longer easy to understand for audiences and artists alike.  The foreword suggests that society needs a Rosalind Krause like analysis to the new digital age explaining the new terms to help understand the new works being created.


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Joanna Nawn

Welcome to my blog! My name is Joanna Nawn and I have a deep passion for art and animation. This blog was started in order to share my journey through art with the hopes of becoming an animator someday! Animation is a major part of my life and I am always looking for ways to improve. I keep up to date with viewing animated shorts and films in order to understand the standards I should uphold in my own work. Please feel free to contact me and/or follow me on social media!

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