Recently I have been working on the Andy rig for my project and developing hair.  I decided to use nHair since I have worked with nCloth and nParticles in the past.  I found the best way to start is by using the Curve Pencil Tool and drawing in the splines.  So far I have created splines for the bottom row of the models hair.  Below I have created a link to a slideshow showcasing the front, back and side views of her head.  After I have completely finished creating the splines I will convert the polygons into nHair follicles.  This will allow me to create hair clumps and make a full head of hair.


To see what my partner Ashaundei is up to with the modeling part of the project.  Go to https://seandeecreative.wordpress.com/2017/11/02/project-update-nov-02/