Urban Playground

For my final project I was tasked with making a video in Adobe Premiere.  The directions for this project were to make it interesting, meaning I was to find something that could be seen as boring and make it interesting to the viewer.  I decided that I wanted to collaborate on this project with a peer in class.  We came up with urban playground.  The video is in a link below.


Animate Project

In this project I worked in Adobe Animate and created a custom mouse action.  Below is a link to the webpage.  I encountered a few problems with this project.  My main issue was the gif I created was too large and was slowing down the browser.  Once I fixed that issue it worked fine.




Concrete Poetry

The concrete poetry project was created as a collaborative project involving everyone in the class.  Each person was given a word to use.  We decided as a group to create a narrative including all the words.  Below is a link to the page I created.



To view the page from the beginning use the link below:


Overture Response

In the article Overture many aspects of the computer and new media technology is discussed beginning at its conception.  The computer began as a way for scientists to calculate data.  Later it was made available as a way to connect to others and exchange information.  The creation of the hyperlink was crucial to the personal computer as well as the creation of the internet.  The article also discusses how artists have made a significant impact on the development of technology.  This is done in the creative ways they utilize the material.  Another main point was that of virtual reality and the way it has expanded from its beginning phases.