Culmination, sort of

Below is a link to our short that culminates the end point of our semester’s work on the Dreamscape Project.  We ran into set backs which caused us to create playblasts.  Next semester we plan on creating full renders for the short.  I created the Nhair, paint effects, and Nparticles.  Together Ashaundei and I worked on the animation, water, and video editing.


Below are some rendered stills we created to show our character.  The model we used is the Andy Rig.  The hair you see in the google slide shows her Nhair which I created in Maya.  We rendered the stills using the Arnold renderer, which sadly does not display the Nhair as it is intended to look.  When we do finally render we will be using mental ray.


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Recently I have been working on the Andy rig for my project and developing hair.  I decided to use nHair since I have worked with nCloth and nParticles in the past.  I found the best way to start is by using the Curve Pencil Tool and drawing in the splines.  So far I have created splines for the bottom row of the models hair.  Below I have created a link to a slideshow showcasing the front, back and side views of her head.  After I have completely finished creating the splines I will convert the polygons into nHair follicles.  This will allow me to create hair clumps and make a full head of hair.

To see what my partner Ashaundei is up to with the modeling part of the project.  Go to

Thesis Statement

Films both animated and live-action alike rely upon a balance of dynamic storytelling and cinematic techniques to provide their audience with meaningful entertainment. This balance is often elusive, as many films fall short of this balance, over-reliant on gimmicks, star power or special effects, while an exemplary few, e.g. Disney’s Moana and The Shining, excel and become instant classics.  It’s the masterful use of setting, camerawork and great storytelling is what earns these films distinction. Our intention is capture that balance and create an animated short that showcases how visual effects and the camera can become characters in their own right.

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The Journey Continues

This semester I will be working on collaborative animated short with Ashaundei Smith.  We will be creating a short based off of the semiotic square shown below.  A semiotic square helps artists to figure out their ideas for a project and become the beginnings of a thesis.  Together this semester we will work to create a short which will include a rig, nhair, ncloth, a water simulation and an environment among other skills.

semiotic sqaure

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Below is a completed version of my project for this semester.  This project consists of a weather cycle displaying all of the seasons.  I used Maya 2016 to create the particle effects and environment.  The pollen particles were created in Adobe After Effects.  Some technical issues occurred at the last minute and will be fixed next semester.  I will also redo the render to have either a resolution of 1080p or 720p.