Below is a completed version of my project for this semester.  This project consists of a weather cycle displaying all of the seasons.  I used Maya 2016 to create the particle effects and environment.  The pollen particles were created in Adobe After Effects.  Some technical issues occurred at the last minute and will be fixed next semester.  I will also redo the render to have either a resolution of 1080p or 720p.


Recently I was trying to figure out a way to create the Fall scene for Weather Cycle project.  Since this scene requires showcasing wind, I had the idea to create leaves falling from a tree.  While searching for ideas to create this with particle effects I realized it wouldn’t be practical to use this method.  Many animators online have been using nCloth to create leaves falling from trees.  I found a youtube video to help understand how to create nCloth for falling leaves.  The link to the video will be listed below.  I will warn you that the music in the video is a bit distracting, but the overall video is helpful to follow.

Below is a playblast of the nCloth I created for my Weather Cycle project.

Painted Effects Combined to a Surface

As the semester is quickly approaching its end I have been focusing on three elements of the project to complete.  The element to complete was figuring out how to get my painted grass to bind to an object in the environment.  This took some thinking, but eventually I discovered that doing a simple mesh combine works fine.  First, you will need to create an polygon (I choose a surface) then paint your grass.  You can do this by going into window, then general editors, and visor.  Then scroll through to find the type of grass you want to use and begin painting.  To cut down on the polygon count I made my brush larger.  I then selected both objects and went into the mesh menu and then clicked on combine.  Now to be sure that it works do a quick render.

Next I will try and find a way to create a movie material for the environment.