Artist Statement

I consider myself to be a digital artist and create work on my computer. I work mainly with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, but I am beginning to expand into the animation software Maya. I find it freeing to work in a 2D and 3D workspace, I am able anything and everything. My work tends to be more expressionistic due to my main focus on exploring myself. I tend to use the same images and techniques in my works because of the meaning they hold. I use keys and the idea of spirals in almost all of my works.

With my many medical conditions I use the imagery of keys as a way to illustrate how I am unlocking new things within myself. The spirals are a way for the viewer to find a focal point and also serve as a path from point to another. My work is meant to be healing and to also be a mirror into myself. With every work I make I find something new about myself and I find this to be very meditative.

Originally my work was therapeutic, but with time I used my feelings as inspirations for finding myself. One artist I really look to for inspiration is Joseph Beuys. He like myself dealt with hardships that changed his life and how he created work. He also uses the same materials over and over again to link it with his past. I also look to Jackson Pollock because of his amazing work with expressionism. I love the amount of emotion he puts into each work.

In today’s world society believes that we should all be superficial and my work tries to bring the emotional vulnerable side back into play. I think that it is important for people to dig deep within themselves instead of caring what others will think of you. I hope that my work can someday inspire people to think beyond the superficial.


An exciting update!

I have been having a great time back to school!  I was recently given the opportunity to intern at my college doing design work!!  I create flyers for their events, contribute creative ideas, and design logos.  I use Adobe Illustrator CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CS6 to create all of these things!

My newest achievement was having the idea to convert paper evaluation sheets to a QR code system.  We have started the process and I collaboratively worked with my boss to create a great logo that is sure to grab attention around campus!  In all of this excitement I have not been posting as much, but not to worry!  This weekend I will be attending a gallery visit and will give a review of my trip!

The Never Ending Story: My Journey Through Art 201

This is my final project for the introduction to new media and digital arts class. The requirements were to take our body of work that was created throughout the semester, place the files on InDesign CS6, and create a leporello book. The reason for printing artwork in a digital arts class is to show that a student can not only create art on a digital platform, but can also print their work allowing for a broader audience to view the work. I wanted to do something different with my final project. I did not want to just place the files onto InDesign and print it. I wanted to take concepts from each piece and transform the other pieces. The idea behind it was to reference how the work created had come full circle, but will always be intertwined.