Why Stop Dreaming When the Impossible is Possible

As many of you have probably figured out, I am a die hard Disney fan.  I love the idea of entertaining an entire family with wholesome values being preached to various age groups.  Many of the works I created have a underlying theme that relates back to Walt Disney’s idea of alternate realities and believing in the impossible.

Don’t worry, I know that reality does not always end with everyone having their dreams come true, but I say why not!  After watching the Disney Animated film Frozen, I could not help but admire Olaf along with the other characters as well.  Olaf in some ways reminds me of myself, determined to reach his dream while others do not understand his attachment to such a ridiculous idea.  Olaf is a sending a message to the audience that questions why we give up on our dreams.  Everyone laughed including myself when Olaf said that he loves summer and cannot wait to witness it himself.  In some way or another everyone has had an experience like this.  We all dream and sooner or later someone questions you for the goals you want so desperately to reach.  Olaf has the courage to continue despite how ridiculous the idea seems.  We all need to focus on our dreams if we want to be truly happy.  No one should settle for anything less.

Let’s all take a lesson from Walt Disney, you cannot change the people who gave up on dreaming, but you can certainly help others keep their dreams alive.  I am like Olaf, I have what some would say is an unattainable goal, that is to become an animator and work for Pixar or the Disney Animation Studios, but why not.  I have never wanted something so bad in my life.  I want to work for Disney because of what the stand for, what they teach others, and an overwhelming urge to entertain and inspire everyone.  I am well aware that being hired at Disney is far from easy, but I just cannot bring myself to let go of my dream.  Walt Disney has continued to be inspiration to me throughout the years and I want to continue to his legacy.

Olaf will forever be one of my favorite characters and continue to inspire me to keep running towards my dream.  Olaf states in the movie “Some people are worth melting for”.  I love this quote because I believe that giving people hope and encouragement to follow their hearts is worth “melting for”.