Below is my Seasons project fully rendered, which showcases particle effects and ncloth.  Seasons was created in Maya 2016 and Adobe After Effects.  The rain and snow were particle effects created in Maya.  The pollen was created in After Effects.



Demo Reel Thesis

An animation demo reel displays a compilation of skills learned.  In order for studios, future employers and collaborators understand an individuals skill level by observing a reel of footage showcasing their best works.  In my practice I have created several works using Maya exploring aspects of 3D modeling, rigging, animation, and particle effects.  These works are informed by the twelve principles of animation, which this intends to demonstrate.


Below is a completed version of my project for this semester.  This project consists of a weather cycle displaying all of the seasons.  I used Maya 2016 to create the particle effects and environment.  The pollen particles were created in Adobe After Effects.  Some technical issues occurred at the last minute and will be fixed next semester.  I will also redo the render to have either a resolution of 1080p or 720p.

Pinterest Weather Cycle Inspiration

The following link has some images that helped me to develop an ideas for the environment in my project.  I also included images of some of the seasons to help me better understand how weather appears in reality.  I will frequently looked back to these images while creating the particle effects to help create a sense of realism in the project.

Particle Effects

My weather cycle project is centered around the concept of the four seasons.  I wanted to bring reality into a digital platform and to do so I needed to learn particle effects.  I found a great tutorial on, which will be listed below.  The tutorial that I found was not specifically about creating weather scenes, but gave enough information that you could work with the skills taught.  The tutorials were very easy to follow, the only set back is that it was made in 2011.  This means that when watching the tutorial you will need to look for things that are mentioned because they may not be in the same area he is discussing.

Each season in my short has a corresponding particle effect.  For the summer scene I will create particle effects for floating pollen.  The spring scene will showcase wind blowing leaves on the trees.  The fall scene will consist of rain.  The winter scene will display snow falling from the sky.  Each scene displaying the seasons will only consist of a few seconds in length.