Overture Response

In the article Overture many aspects of the computer and new media technology is discussed beginning at its conception.  The computer began as a way for scientists to calculate data.  Later it was made available as a way to connect to others and exchange information.  The creation of the hyperlink was crucial to the personal computer as well as the creation of the internet.  The article also discusses how artists have made a significant impact on the development of technology.  This is done in the creative ways they utilize the material.  Another main point was that of virtual reality and the way it has expanded from its beginning phases.


Video Mash Exercise

Below is a link to an exercise in Dreamweaver in which I created my own page.  It was a little difficult at first, but with some practice I think it will become easier.


The Future of the Novel (1964) Response

The Future of the Novel was created by William Burroughs.  The Future of the Novel focuses on different techniques to writing.  Burroughs discusses a method he enjoys using called the fold in method.  This is when one page is folded into another page.  It is a way to create a flash-forward or flashback.  I found The Future of the Novel to be very interesting.

Imagining the Internet Response

This article taught me the origins of the internet.  I was shocking surprised that the internet was all started with a research project that Dwight D. Eisenhower began.  The project was called the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA).  ARPA was started to find scientific improvements for defense against the Soviet Union.  The article goes on to discuss the timeline of events that lead up to the internet.  I think this article was very interesting and informative.

Text Exercise

In this exercise I worked with a photoshop tutorial in order to create a text based work.  I used the metallic text on a concrete background tutorial.  In the end I changed a few of the text layer styles.  Below shows the completed exercise and a link to the tutorial.