Culmination, sort of

Below is a link to our short that culminates the end point of our semester’s work on the Dreamscape Project.  We ran into set backs which caused us to create playblasts.  Next semester we plan on creating full renders for the short.  I created the Nhair, paint effects, and Nparticles.  Together Ashaundei and I worked on the animation, water, and video editing.


Below are some rendered stills we created to show our character.  The model we used is the Andy Rig.  The hair you see in the google slide shows her Nhair which I created in Maya.  We rendered the stills using the Arnold renderer, which sadly does not display the Nhair as it is intended to look.  When we do finally render we will be using mental ray.


Check out Ashaundei’s blog:





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Joanna Nawn

Welcome to my blog! My name is Joanna Nawn and I have a deep passion for art and animation. This blog was started in order to share my journey through art with the hopes of becoming an animator someday! Animation is a major part of my life and I am always looking for ways to improve. I keep up to date with viewing animated shorts and films in order to understand the standards I should uphold in my own work. Please feel free to contact me and/or follow me on social media!

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