Jail Break

This work was created for my Art 314 class as my final project.  It was difficult to complete the rig, but practice makes perfect.  Next time I will be sure to give it another go and maybe it will come out even better.  This work was created in Maya 2016 and is sadly only a playblast, but I will be sure to upload the full rendered video soon.


Photo Real Modeling

camera 1_0000

camera 2_0000

camera 3_0000

camera 4_0000

This project consisted of six medieval keys that I chose to model in Maya 2016.  Four camera views were made into jpegs and rendered at a high quality.  This project was difficult for my first time modeling, but I really enjoyed it and like the results.

Ball Drop Playblast

This is my first attempt at an animation of a ball being bounced.  This was rather difficult to create and execute.  My main problem throughout the project was solving the horizontal vector effectively.  Once I was able to keep the horizontal and vertical separate I was able to execute the animation better.  I hope to make even more progress in the upcoming animation projects!