Painted Effects Combined to a Surface

As the semester is quickly approaching its end I have been focusing on three elements of the project to complete.  The element to complete was figuring out how to get my painted grass to bind to an object in the environment.  This took some thinking, but eventually I discovered that doing a simple mesh combine works fine.  First, you will need to create an polygon (I choose a surface) then paint your grass.  You can do this by going into window, then general editors, and visor.  Then scroll through to find the type of grass you want to use and begin painting.  To cut down on the polygon count I made my brush larger.  I then selected both objects and went into the mesh menu and then clicked on combine.  Now to be sure that it works do a quick render.

Next I will try and find a way to create a movie material for the environment.


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Joanna Nawn

Welcome to my blog! My name is Joanna Nawn and I have a deep passion for art and animation. This blog was started in order to share my journey through art with the hopes of becoming an animator someday! Animation is a major part of my life and I am always looking for ways to improve. I keep up to date with viewing animated shorts and films in order to understand the standards I should uphold in my own work. Please feel free to contact me and/or follow me on social media!

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